Our App Retreat & 8th Reflection

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The Mary Pray for Us phone app was created to help you pray constantly and to feel Our Mother of Perpetual Help’s presence as a constant companion throughout your busy day. The feedback tells us the app is helping many of you to accomplish this goal. People are finding comfort in Our Mother’s gentle presence and are striving to renew their prayer lives.

We want to help you keep the habit of prayer fostered through the Retreat alive throughout the month. That’s why we also include an 8th Reflection. This additional Reflection, sent mid-way through the month, will fuel your prayer life between the formal sessions of the Retreat.

The 8th Reflection is located in the app’s main screen as “8th Day Reflection.” A new Reflection is posted on a Wednesday near the end of each month.

We encourage you to pray to Our Mother of Perpetual Help in your own words with an open heart. We hope your experience using this app will help you to grow in your spirituality by using prayer to move closer to Jesus through Mary.


Please tell your family and friends to download this app. Help us make Our Mother of Perpetual Help known throughout the world.

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We also encourage you to send us your comments about the app.

In Jesus through Mary,
Bro. Dan Korn, C.Ss.R.