Rejoice and Relax!

A Christmas Coloring Book Combining Prayer & Christmas Cheer

We’re living in a hyperactive time in which Christmas has become its most frenetic child and victim. We’ve strayed a long way from a dusty manger in Bethlehem. So far, in fact, that each Christmas we now ask, how can we ever get back to the hope and mystery of that manger. Just as importantly, how do we maintain our peace of mind throughout the Christmas season?

Could a coloring book be part of the answer? We hope so! Coloring the Nativity combines the child-like joy of coloring with prayers, hymns, gospel passages, and some of the most beautiful pictures from the gospel story of Jesus’ birth.

Who is this book for? It turns out coloring books are not just for kids. This book is for you if:

• You are a proud parent or grandparent looking for fun, and faith-based holiday activities you can do with your children or grandkids.

• Or, maybe you work a ten hour day capped by an hour commute, a kids’ basketball game, the PTA meeting…well, you know.

• Or, if you just want a new devotional practice and you’re not afraid to look in unlikely places. Yes, coloring can be a way to meditate on the gospels!


You’ll need crayons or, for best results, a set of colored pencils; and a laser or inkjet printer to print out the black and white coloring pages only. Remember to choose black and white or gray scale in your printer settings so you don’t waste printer ink on the colored borders. You may also want to bake some cookies and have milk on hand if coloring with children!

— The Redemptorists, Denver Province