Hearing God’s Call

Fr. Tat Hoang, CSsR

Fr. Tat Hoang, CSsR

The process of discerning a vocation can take you to unexpected places. As you spend time with God in prayer, you also spend time with yourself, discovering who you are and who you are meant to be. As you follow that universal call to sainthood in whatever direction it takes you, you might feel some resistance, the road may not be easy and you may have many questions.

Fr. Tat Hoang, CSsR, has provided us with Hearing God’s Call, a thoughtful and lively guide to discernment in our lives. The book is meant to be an aid for young people, particularly as they discern their life direction in terms of a religious vocation or on the path to a fulfilling marriage. The book is written in an easy-to-read and use style that, in addition to serving as a guide for individual study, is perfect for group discussions in religious education and formations classes.

Throughout this thirty-day, self-guided retreat, you will be asked to look at yourself, your relationships, and your spirituality as you approach the vocation God has in mind for you. Using Scripture, reflection, activities, and questions, this retreat will help you make time to hear God’s call and offer you spiritual strength as you prepare to answer it.

Fr. Tat Hoang, CSsR, was born in Saigon, Vietnam, in 1972. He and his family came to the United States as refugees in 1993. He professed as a Redemptorist in 2002 and was ordained to the priesthood in 2006. He served as an associate pastor at Holy Ghost Catholic Church in Houston, Texas (2006–2008), and then became a co-director of vocation ministry for the Redemptorists of the Denver Province (2008–2015). He has conducted many retreats for adults, youth, and young adults across the country. Currently, Fr. Hoang works with Life Directions in Chicago to promote and build a strong community of fraternity, social justice, and peace.

The book can be purchased exclusively through Liguori Publications. Tell your youth minister or religious education director about Hearing God’s Call!