Life Directions Continues LIFE I Retreats

The key to curbing violence is to help youth live up to their full potential. Jackie Ingram, a focus: LIFE Circle Leader on the West Side of Chicago, shared a few thoughts at a recent Life Directions Awards Dinner:

We let students know we care about them and they are loved. A few people get nervous about that word – love – but that’s okay. We show it by giving out Silver Hearts, a small gesture that means a lot to us. We want children to talk; to ask questions. We want to hear their opinions. We want to know how we can help make a difference through values-based conversations.

When you look into the eyes of the students, you see their struggles and pain. These students are the strongest people I know. They gave up their friends to be in Peer Motivation – for high school students that takes courage. Don’t get me wrong: we are not here to replace their friends; only allow them to see other options that help them grow.

Life Directions Director Van Bensett and Jackie Ingram, a focus: LIFE Circle Leader on the West Side of Chicago, discuss plans for the upcoming focus: LIFE Retreat Weekend, scheduled October 13-15.

Violence is everywhere. Learning how to handle challenges is important. Life Directions wants each student to know they are capable of making better choices, of seeing a better and more fulfilling future; of ignoring the negative and finding the positive.

We want them to discover their own moral compasses and grow into the adults we know they can become. We only ask them to live up to their full potential. That’s the true meaning of what we do.

On July 2 of this year Life Directions conducted its LIFE I Retreat. Eighteen participants from three cultures joined to celebrate interdependence two days before the 4th of July! The next focus: LIFE I Retreat will be held next weekend, October 13-15 in Oxford, MI. Call Fr. Tat at (312) 723-9558 for more information.