Redemptorists-Denver Province Launches New Website on Ash Wednesday

By Jim Mascolo
The Redemptorists-Denver Province launched a new website on Wednesday, March 1, coinciding with Ash Wednesday and the Lenten season. The new site is a showcase for the Denver Province’s many ministries, retreat centers, Redemptorist saints, and online devotional teachings. It features an updated and more inviting design that includes larger photos, cleaner typography, a full-screen slider and easy-to-understand navigational icons. The site is also mobile-responsive, meaning it will adjust to the user’s screen, whether that is a phone, tablet or traditional computer monitor.

The navigation of the site has also been improved. The navigation utilizes a series of icons and images to mark a clear and straightforward path to the most popular pages. The updated site also has links to video interviews with Redemptorist confreres, and brings a renewed emphasis to some of the Denver Province’s prominent ministries and missions through a secondary slider on the home page.