Journey through the Beatitudes with Fr. Ken Sedlak!

We all long to see more expansively and experience more deeply God’s profound presence in our lives. In Opening Your Heart Through the Beatitudes Fr. Ken Sedlak, C.Ss.R., takes us on a journey through the Beatitudes that will fill our hearts with love. Fr. Ken’s message is simple: God’s love for us is beyond anything we can image; we only need to stop fighting ourselves to experience it.

The Beatitudes are Jesus’ straightforward description of the basic dynamics of the spiritual and human world in which we find ourselves. We are offering you this booklet and a short companion video for free to thank you, our faithful companions on the spiritual path, for your many years of support.

Fr. Sedlak has been a Redemporists priest for over 40 years, and a spiritual guide to generations of parishioners at St. Michael’s Church in Chicago. He wrote Opening Your Heart Through the Beatitudes based on his own spiritual journey with Pathways, a prayer and spiritual support group at St. Michael’s Church in Chicago.

Download Fr. Ken’s Beatitude booklet here!

Watch the companion video here!