8th Reflection Coming


The October Online Retreat to Our Mother of Perpetual Help that began on Monday, October 3 concluded last Tuesday, October 11. It will soon be followed by a new 8th Reflection released on Friday, October 21. Please download the app now to join the retreat and receive the new Reflection.

Prayer is like learning a new language: you have to practice continually. Remember also to turn on the app’s Notification feature to receive daily reminders and encouragement throughout the Retreat. We hope that everyone will find at least five minutes each day to pray and enter into quiet reflections to Our Mother. Join our exciting mobile retreat and bring Our Mother’s grace and help into your day.


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Pray without ceasing.

–1 Thessalonians, 5:17

Developing a prayer practice that can sustain you in all life’s trials takes time: you have to begin again and again and again.


This is the perfect app for devotees wishing to make Our Mother of Perpetual Help their constant companion throughout the day. This easy-to-use, 7-day Retreat is also a spiritual growth program based on the Redemptorists’ signature approach to affective prayer from the heart. It can increase your sense of spiritual peace and mindfulness of Mary as your every-present spiritual companionship.


You can use our Notification feature to receive a daily prayer reminder for each of the 7 days of the Retreat. This can help bring consistency to your prayer efforts by joining you to a worldwide community of devotees to Our Mother of Perpetual Help who are also doing the Retreat. We will again start the Notifications on Monday, October 3 and will repeat again on the first Monday of most months. Of course you can do the Retreat at any time on your own. However, the process of praying the Retreat at a specific time each month with others can help you develop and strengthen your prayer life.


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The Retreat screen


And How to Make the Most of the App

The Retreat: You can find the complete 7 day Retreat plus an Introduction under “The Retreat” icon on the app’s main screen. Each day of the retreat includes an opening prayer, an Introduction, a Reflection and an Exercise section. The Reflections are the heart of the Retreat, and serve as a template for further prayer. Once you’re familiar with the style of praying from your heart in your own words, you are encouraged to begin to pray to Mary in your own words. Finally, each day of the Retreat is intended as a reflection on a specific Christian virtue or practice. The Retreat becomes particularly powerful when you make it your intention to contemplate and practice the Day’s specific virtue throughout your day.

Audio Retreat: To aid your retreat we have also included audio versions of each day’s Reflection. We encourage you to take a few minutes out of your day, find a quiet place if possible, take a deep breath and relax while you listen. The audio sections average about two to three minutes. They offer you another chance to strengthen and reinforce the experience of the Retreat.

Notifications: Join one of three groups to receive morning reminders related to the retreat. Once a month, starting on the first Tuesday of the month, we will send a daily reminder each day of the Retreat to everyone who has joined one of the groups. To turn on Notifications and pick a group, go to Notifications under the top right side menu bar. You can also turn on Notifications by accepting notifications when you first download the app.